Washington International

Science and Technology Institute

  • Located at Washington D.C.
  • Serve to education exchange between US and China
  • Help build Education corporation of US and Chinese Universities
  • Train Chinese college teachers to support core curriculum teaching
  • Enhance internationalization of Chinese Ordinary Universities
  • Provide US professor collaboration opportunities with Chinese Universities

Sino-US Rainbow Project

The Sino-US Rainbow Project is an innovative model specially designed for Chinese Universities to enhance their internationalization and invite US high-level scholars for the designing college majors and teaching curriculum, and training Chinese young professor.

The purpose of Sino-US Rainbow Project is to offer Chinese universities to invite high-level international scholars for their embedded teaching at Chinese application Universities in the most efficient way.

The project provides opportunities to international scholars to feel the rapid development in China and to have short-time teaching experience (1-3 days), technical talks, and train young Chinese professors when they visit China for any other purposes.

Service Provided

  • Major design of Big data and environmental engineering for Chinese Universities and consulting
  • Curriculum design of Big data and environmental engineering and consultation
  • Training programs for Chinese young college teachers to support the core curriculum teaching
  • The advanced content of the core curriculum on-site taught by international high-level professors
  • Match Chinese University demands for short time on-site teaching (1-3 days) and international scholars for the high efficient way

Who Will Be Clients

  • US professors in big data, computer engineering and environmental engineering
  • US universities, Colleges and Departments that are searching joint majors with Chinese Universities in big data, computer engineering and environmental engineering
  • Chinese Universities, College and Department in Big Data, computer engineering, environmental engineering, other engineering areas
  • Direct clients will be colleges and departments in China

Identification of Course Materials and Professors

  • Cooperating with School Planning and Development Center of the Chinese Ministry of Education, WISATI invites well-known professors and experts from US and Chines Universities and industry as well to identify designed majors and curriculum for Chinese Universities, and professors who will teach at Chinese Universities.
  • Certification of import Majors and curriculum is to check if they are suitable for Chinese Universities
  • The recognized professors will be specified a price range based on their importance, experience and demands from Chinese Universities.

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