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Washington International Science and Technology Institute (WISATI)develops the relationship between U.S. universities and China universities on the topics related to education model, course teaching methods and student training. The users must understand and follow the following rules before using this website:

1.Use this website No body or organization can use the information on this website for any purpose without the written permission from WISATI.

2.Website Modification WISATI keeps the right to modify the contents in this website without notice.

3.Responsibility Any activities under the WISATI contract must be object to U.S. laws and China Laws, as well as the regulations in professional organizations.

4.WISATI members can join any other associations or organizations without necessary notice of WISATI

5.Members can leave WISATI at any time without any penalty.

WISATI is a non-profit organization which provides the service to US and China universities and scholars. The service charge on the universities, scholars or students will be used to pay the employees, equipment, develop WISATI and other things related to services and training programs. The membership is free for joining WISATI for both U.S. universities or research institutes and China Universities. WISATI will help transfer the teaching models and core course customization from U.S. universities or scholars to China universities. The WISATI technical committee evaluates and certifies teaching models and customized courses before they are practiced in China Universities.